Explore a selection of marked and colour coded walks in Spanish Point, ranging from 3.5km to 8km (one way) and all with starting points outside the Bellbridge House Hotel.

An audio guide is available on the Kelp Walk.

The following links will bring you to the map and the audio guide:

Map & Audio - on visitspanishpoint.com

You can listen to the audio guide in any order. QR codes are on display at each information point. This audio guide was funded by the Heritage Council. 

Kelp Walk 3.5km (45mins):

Walk this route to see the remains of kelp pits where seaweed was burned in the past as part of the iodine manufacturing process. Also, the location of the wrecking of “The Kelp” on the 4th of January 1916, this walk finishes at the “Graves of the Spaniards”.

Cleedagh 5km (1 hr) / Slí Leathan 3.7km (50mins):

At the northernmost point of this walk in Cleedagh Bay – paving stone bay – where stones were quarried to build roads in the area. A shorter route – Slí Leathan – or broadway – brings you through cut away bogs.

The San Marcos Walk 5km (1hr):

The San Marcos de Portugale sank off Mutton Island on 20 September 1588 and despite being a Portuguese vessel, as part of the invading Spanish Armada this event gave us our placename – Spanish Point.

Morony Walk 8km (1.5hrs):

This combination walk roughly follows the boundary of the estate of the Morony family (former landlords) and passes Miltown House built by Thomas Morony in 1780 and home to the Sisters of Mercy from 1947 to 2020. It is now in private ownership.